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Tom Hiddleston on the Art of Villainy, for Jaguar.

Prepare yourselves, he recites some Shakespeare.

Βρέχει μες την ψυχή μου !


BOOM! There goes my last bit of selfrespect… *drool*

i can die with his accent  .OMG  !*_*

μου ειπε οτι θελει να χωρισουμε.. ετσι εφυγα ηρεμα και τον αποχαιρετησα απο μακρια.. μια για παντα.. με ενα πιστολι!

(via smokerzgonnasmoke)

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Hello guys how are you?

My name is Vicky and i am from Greece. Yeah this historic country in Mediterranean sea!!!Feel free to read my ideas , vote and comment! I am a blogger at http://vickysroom.blogspot.com/
and my second new blog is http://vickygb.tumblr.com
Don't hesitate to become friends!

Much love xoxoxoxoxo


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